Location: Ayyam Gallery & Beirut Art Fair, Lebanon

Ayyam Gallery returns for the third edition of the Beirut Art Fair July 5-8 with a special exhibition dedicated to prominent and promising emerging talents from Lebanon.

Go to the Ayyam Gallery online, check the upcoming tab and go to exhibitions under Beirut Art Fair to see my favorite of her pieces,  a real elephant investigating a huge, stunning, silver replica of himself in the wild. The contrast is just stunning.

Nadim Karam (1957 – )

‘Flying Elephant’

H50 X W97 X D5 cm.

Stainless Steel , Super Shiny Finish Sculpture

Edition of 8 2011

Pierre Koukj ian (1962 – )

‘Ya Lei l Ma Atwalak (Oh night, it’s been too long)’ 100 x 100 cm.

Green Neon on Black Chassis. Edition of 6 2011

Lara Zankoul (1987 – )

‘One Last Breath’

80 x 80 cm.

Archival Print on Cotton Paper. Edition of 5 2011


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